Counselling, Psychotherapy and Healing

Bringing the holistic, mystical, spiritual and inspirational into your daily life through embodied, practical, grounded and insightful therapies.

Questions we can address:

  • What do you need to face, acknowledge and accept?
  • What holds you back from being free?
  • Are there aspects of yourself in hiding?
  • Do you have insight into what you really here for?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • Do you know both your shadows and your gifts?
  • Are you searching for connection to something greater than the material world?
  • Are you healthy on all levels of your being?
  • Do you experience peace and joy?
  • Do you creatively engage with life and other people?
  • Explore the higher aspects of your livelihoood and daily work–what can you offer through your chosen field and how can you look after yourself and others?

Examples of issues we can address:

  • Pursuing a livelihood that is in congruence with your values
  • Creative expression of your deeper feelings
  • Family dynamics
  • Workplace dynamics
  • Conscious relationships
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Transpersonal, global, collective and cosmic issues
  • Bringing body, mind, heart and soul into alignment through embodied processes
  • Living well through awareness of sustainable and natural cycles, practices and processes.
  • Deepening your chosen spiritual path
  • Anger and frustration
  • Pain and struggle
  • Archetypal forces in yourself and your life
  • Gender and sexuality issues
  • Dive deep into your authentic self
  • Engage with the creative dance of conscious living
  • Become discerning about where you need to spend your time and energy for your wellbeing
  • Trust your own values, insights, principles, priorities, energies, passions and gifts as the guiding forces in your life

Session Information

Sessions available in person in Surrey Hills, Victoria or via skype.  Note that yoga therapy and art therapy sessions are in person; counselling sessions can be conducted via Skype.

Allow up to one and a half hours for the first session, with ongoing sessions usually an hour to an hour and a quarter.

The Guest House

This being human is a guest house.  Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably.  He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.


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