Resources for Inspiration

Here are a few resources for help and inspiration. These are organisations and people who offer excellent information, services and therapies that I have found helpful or inspirational over many years, for myself and/or others. I have no affiliation with any of them, simply personal and professional recommendations.

Adyashanti  One of my favourite teachers of spiritual insight and wisdom, combining Buddhist and Christian mystical teachings.

Gene Keys A synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential. A journey of self-discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life.

Spiritual Awakening Process Jim Tolles has great practical help and useful information for contemplations for those on the path to truth and freedom.  

Andrew Harvey Institute for Sacred Activism   A passionate visionary for world change into a more enlightened, sustainable and loving relationship with the earth and all its inhabitants.

Sacred Business Natalie Kent offers programs and coaching in creating and sustaining your business in alignment with principles of regenerating and caring for the earth, valuing each human being and generating abundance in all its forms.

Tom Kenyon Sound Inspirational sound healing and shaman.

Sacred Acoustics Brain wave entrainment to calm the mind and open the heart and change your state for the better.

Yoga Arts Academy My beloved teacher Prahlad Duncan Ewing teaches Saptanga Ghatashta Yoga, based on classical hatha yoga principles to bring harmony to body, mind and breath.

Janine McCarthy Ortho-Bionomy Gentle, compassionate bodywork to recover from chronic pain, tension, and injuries by supporting your body’s innate healing processes.

One Heart Yoga and Meditation Anahata and Aruna Giri offer silent yoga and meditation retreats for deep regeneration.

Simple Sacred Everyday Sharon Spencer offers transformation through simple, daily yoga-inspired practises and rituals to cultivate self-care, calm and clarity.

Trauma Release Exercises Australia A very powerful technique for releasing deeply held trauma from the body through the body’s innate process of neurogenic tremors.

Natural Death Centre  Information for Australians about natural death care and dying at home.

Network Spinal Analysis A non-manipulative technique of bringing awareness, integration and healing to the whole body.

5 Rhythms Dance A dynamic movement practice that brings creativity, connection and community to your whole being and your life.  A wonderfully freeing practice that illustrates the different seasons, rhythms, cycles and waves that underpin all of life.

Roland Bal Cognitive and somatic approach to complex trauma and PTSD, also offering a meditation course specifically for trauma care.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program A step-by-step system to heal from narcissistic abuse.


Jo Voight Counselling

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvellous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries to comprehend only a little of this mystery every day.”

Albert Einstein

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