About Jo Voight

Jo has over 30 years experience in personal yoga and meditation practice.  This spiritual practice, discipline and inquiry is the main basis of her work today.

Jo is also an artist, having been drawing and painting from an early age.  Her art is also part of her spiritual practice and is a deeply important part of her life. She has participated in various group exhibitions and had one solo exhibition.

For more detail on Jo’s visionary art, traditional Christian icons and mandalas, visit Jozephyr Visionary Art, Iconography and Mandalas.

While at school she was torn between wanting to pursue art or psychology.  Her love of art led her into a Degree in Textile Design, which included electives in fine art subjects.  Somehow, instead of pursing textiles and art as a carer, she ended up being a qualified chef receiving a Dux award.  While working as a chef, she continued to pursue her studies in all her fields of interest, including a Diploma in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Healing and a Certificate in Yoga Therapy.

Various other formal and informal studies in art therapy, spiritual development, colour therapy, astrology, aromatherapy, bodywork, and more also inform her work today.

She has over 20 years experience working on yoga and meditation retreats, facilitating small workshops and working one-to-one both in person and via phone and zoom.

Jo also works in the business realm as a registered BAS agent, incorporating sustainable and holistic business principles into the work she does with micro and small business owners in assisting them to manage their business with a view to financial wellbeing and a healthy money relationship.  Visit Jo Voight Bookkeeper BAS Agent for more details.

Jo Voight Counselling Surrey Hills
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