Spiritual Counselling

Wellbeing is a state of health, balance and contentment on all levels of your being and your life.  It is a holistic concept that in its ultimate expression embraces body, mind, heart, energy, environment, education, community, life purpose, culture, finance, relationships, soul, spirit… everything.

Spiritual wellbeing is crucial to your holistic health and living a balanced life.  Spiritual health has an impact on your whole being.  It is about looking beyond the ego, mind, body and emotions to deeper feelings, impulses, intuition, guidance, meaning and inspiration.  Do you want to wake up these faculties?

Bring the mystical and spiritual into your daily, practical life for greater balance, fulfilment, awareness and discernment.

  • Do you feel confused, uncertain or vague about who you are, what you want to do with your life and what you are really here for?
  • Are you looking for a deeper engagement with life and all it has to offer?
  • Are you looking to connect to the spiritual realm of life and yourself for greater depth and insight?
  • Do you feel buffeted around by other forces and other people’s energies–rather than being guided by your own instincts?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the demands of life?
  • Do you allow others to make decisions for you? Or do you refrain from making decisions because it’s “too hard”?
  • Do you find yourself getting dragged into situations or relationships that you know are not beneficial to you–but you are unable to take action?
  • Are you living life “in your own skin, in your own shoes”? Do you feel there is more to you than you are currently expressing in your life?

Engaging in a journey of self-discovery, inquiry and contemplation will be an adventure!  If you want to make changes to your life, deepen your self-understanding, expand your sense of what is possible, and live more gracefully start now.

  • Get in touch with the wisdom of the body as an integrated expression of all aspects of your being
  • Gain greater clarity and understanding about your path, your choices, your relationships, your own energy
  • Expand your insight, inner guidance systems and vision
  • Live more authentically, experiencing life on your own terms, while engaging fully with life
  • Reduce struggle, resistance, contraction and denial
  • Live more congruently with your inner impulses, your passions, your principles, your gifts
  • Learn to assess whether a situation or person is energy enriching, neutral or energy reducing


spiritual counselling

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.


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